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TLDConnect Managed Services

Client Story

Reducing complexity and your exposure to risk

As a competitive organization, you need every bit of return on investment you can get from your IT spend. But with the increasing complexity and risk that now go along with integrating new systems and networks, it’s important that you get experienced help onboard before troubles start. That’s where our 30+ years of customer service and TLDConnect Managed Services offerings come in handy.

TLDConnect Managed Services

We use a suite of powerful tools to manage your IT needs and provide you choice:

TLD Connect Fully Managed:

Providing end to end management of your IT environment. Service and support from our Canadian based, certified and experienced team of technology experts dedicated to making your IT experience as painless as possible. We customize your plans to suit your business needs.

For clients wanting specify areas of management we offer individual packages.

TLDConnect Individual Offerings include:

TLDConnect Server:

Providing end to end proactive management, monitoring and remediation of your physical or virtual servers to keep your business running.

TLD Connect Cloud:

Whether your environment is on-premise or on the cloud, we got you covered with our comprehensive cloud package.

TLD Connect Helpdesk:

Fast and unlimited access for your users to support specialists to help you navigate your day-to-day operations.

TLD Connect Network:

Keeping you connected through proactive management, monitoring and remediation of all your network devices.

TLD Connect Protect Data:

Helping you to manage and mitigate against loss of your important business and intellectual data with a business continuity solution.

TLD Connect Secure Essentials:

Keeping your environment safe from external and internal threats by applying effective security tools and best practice security management techniques.

TLD Connect Secure Advanced:

Add-on products to security essentials for advanced threat protection from a team of security professionals, security awareness training, prevention from malicious account access, and cybercrime.

Our Tools for making the most of our TLDConnect Managed Services

  • TLDConnect Manager – lightweight software that enables us to help you manage and monitor anything with an IP address.
  • TLDConnect Agents – a tool for performing similar tasks as TLDConnect Manager but for more mobile devices such as roaming laptops, remote servers, etc.
  • TLDConnect Service Centre – a web-based, centralized dashboard that provides us with everything from up-to-the-minute data and system reports to immediate remediation info and more.

Your ongoing IT partner: so you can focus time and resources on your core business

We approach each client with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship. After developing a better understanding of your business and support needs, we can provide you with a high level of IT reliability, allowing you to focus on what you know best: your core business. Our proven track record – and our happy, repeat clients – speak volumes about our ability to deliver dependable IT resources.


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