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TLDConnect Managed Services

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35+ years of IT expertise protects your investment
With the increasing complexity and risk that come with integrating new systems and networks, it’s important that you get experienced help onboard before troubles start.

With TLDConnect Managed Services, you can streamline your operations and make sure your IT investment is in good hands, freeing up valuable time for you to concentrate on what you do best: manage your business and take care of your customers.

TLDConnect Managed Services


TLDConnect Fully Managed:
This end-to-end customized management of your IT environment delivers service and support from our Canadian based, certified and experienced team of technology experts who are dedicated to making your IT experience as painless as possible.

For clients wanting specific areas of management we offer individual packages.


TLDConnect Individual Offerings include:

  • TLDConnect Secure Essentials: Keeping your environment safe from external and internal threats by applying effective security tools and best practice security management techniques.
  • TLDConnect Secure Advanced: A team of security professionals offers add-on products to security essentials including security awareness training and protection from malicious account access, and cybercrime.
  • TLDConnect Protect Data: Helping you to manage and mitigate against loss of business and intellectual data with a business continuity solution.
  • TLDConnect Server: Providing end to end proactive management, monitoring and remediation of your physical or virtual servers to keep your business running.
  • TLDConnect Cloud: Whether your environment is on-premise or on the cloud, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive cloud package.
  • TLDConnect Helpdesk: Users get fast and unlimited access to support specialists to help navigate your day-to-day operations, including business management of your workstation or user device.
  • TLDConnect Network: Keeping you connected through proactive management, monitoring and remediation of all your network devices.
  • NEW! Mobile Device Management (MDM): Secure your company’s mobile devices and keep sensitive data safe, while managing mobile endpoints in an efficient, time-saving, and affordable manner. Compatible with all major mobile phone brands, letting users work the way they want, on the devices they prefer, helping them be more productive whilst protecting your business.
  • NEW! Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP): Transform how you communicate with a suite of highly intuitive desktop phones with optimal flexibility in your day-to-day operation. Customize your phone and implement advanced features to strengthen collaboration and communication. Save on your traditional phone bills, fax and voicemails, helping you to communicate using advanced digital features to enhance your business communications.


We use the following tools with TLDConnect Managed Services:

  • TLDConnect Agents – lightweight software that enables us to help you manage and monitor anything with an IP address.
  • TLDConnect Service Centre – a web-based, centralized dashboard tells us how you are doing. Up-to-the-minute data and system reports, immediate remediation info and more help us keep your business running.


Your ongoing IT partner: so you can focus time and resources on your core business
We approach each client with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship. We’ll get to know your business, providing you with a high level of IT reliability, so you can focus on what you know best: your core business. Our proven track record and repeat clients show our ability to deliver dependable IT resources.


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