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London Drugs

TLD and CustomWorks share our roots with London Drugs , with both being part of a family-based company with a 110-year heritage, the H.Y. Louie Group. With more than 75 retail stores across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, London Drugs provides a superior shopping experience by focusing on the customer satisfaction and the needs of Canadians across the country.

As a 100% Canadian owned and operated retailer, London Drugs employs more than 8,000 staff in 35 major markets, focusing exclusively on local customers’ satisfaction and providing a superior customer experience.

From our humble beginnings in 1945 as a community drug store – in a 1,000 sq foot building on Main Street in Vancouver – we’ve used innovation and a deliberate approach to doing business differently to get to where we are today as BC’s Most Loved Brand. Our staff is known for being fair, knowledgeable and well trained, serving customers’ needs for everything from Pharmacy to Home Appliances, Tech, Cosmetics and much more.

Partnerships key piece of London Drugs approach

As a family company, we’re firm believers in the value of partnerships and we seek out long-term relationships with our customers, our employees and our suppliers. We’re known for treating our partners fairly and respectfully, an approach that’s helped us provide continuity to our partners and made London Drugs a reliable, trustworthy retailer.

Community involvement and giving back also define us

Our belief in strong partnerships extends beyond our business. We proudly donate and sponsor a wide range of community initiatives that align with our health and education values and build stronger communities.

Environmentally aware and active

For years now, London Drugs has been a leader in environmental sustainability, pioneering recycling, solutions and awareness activities both with our customers and our vendor partners. The London Drugs Green Deal is an important aspect of our corporate culture and has resulted in diverting millions of kilograms of materials from our landfills. Our responsible processes are recognized nationally and are a key feature distinguishing us from competitors.


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