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Residential Multi-Home Development

Technologies and new home developments that allow homeowners to take advantage of the digital transformation that’s occurring are in high demand. But just adding connectivity without a solid plan for your development is a likely recipe for problems.

Smart Home Solutions

With more and more consumer research showing that innovative use of technology can be a key differentiator in the highly competitive market for multi-family luxury developments., we’re well placed to work with contractors and developers to help you define a brand that stands out in the marketplace. By ensuring the multi-family developments you build are prepared for this digital shift, you can take advantage of the experience we’ve built by creating solutions for multi-home builders across Western Canada for more than 20 years.

A seamless foundation is key

The best residential connectivity starts with a well-designed network that is stable and secure. Our IT expertise allows us to ask the right questions, understand the unique needs of your development and customize a network that delivers.

We start with ensuring development professionals can maximize Smart Home technologies by building a foundation where devices can be added without disruption.  It means designing, installing and programming an interconnected backbone that will work now and in the future, even as new needs arise. No patchwork solutions, no roadblocks – just seamless and reliable functionality.

More than plug-and-play

To work seamlessly, Smart Home technologies require an integrated series of connections and the right hardware for the job. As a developer, you can offer buyers the performance they want: From leak detection to voice-controlled appliances, we keep things unified and secure, using one focal point for all devices and programs. We plan for today and anticipate changing technologies.


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