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Experience and an integrated approach: our competitive advantage

At TLD and CustomWorks, we have decades of experience helping companies reach their business objectives through creative problem solving and unparalleled customer service.

Our services cover the entire range – we consult, assess, design, supply, install and support all of the innovative technologies we prescribe.  We’re experts at integrating IT and AV services and solutions, creating greater overall effectiveness for your business through our seamless approach to projects.

So, whether it’s creating a digital signage solution to improve the speed and reach of your communications, automating all your office technologies or making sure your new multi-family development stands out from the crowd, you can count on us to use our decades of experience and unmatched expertise to deliver your solution seamlessly and without surprises.

Beginning with business understanding and strategy

Regardless of the technology, our services come from an approach grounded in business understanding. We work hard to build lasting business relationships with our clients, allowing us to provide a clear view of how the IT and AV tools we’re recommending will help our client meet customer needs.

AV Solutions/Services

IT Solutions/Services