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Network Solutions

Client Story

Your network is the backbone of your business operations. Without a reliable, robust network, your staff and customers can be plagued by productivity-sapping delays and unpredictable interactions with customers or employees.

TLD knows the network

We have decades of technical experience in configuring and operating secure IP networks for businesses of all sizes, facilitating the transmission and processing of vast amounts of voice and data. As businesses take further steps towards full connectivity and cloud technologies, the importance of their network will increase even further.

Flexible, customized and secure

TLD networks solutions offer flexibility and customization. The underlying importance of a strong secure network is one of the reasons we practice what we preach. Our network is the foundation for many of our enhanced service offerings such as TLDConnect and TLD Managed Print.

Key areas of importance

  1. Integration streamlines things for you – unlike many IT consultants, we’re able to take care of the network portion of any project, avoiding the need for multiple suppliers for many IT projects. This end-to-end integration ensures continuity and streamline project management.
  2. Ensuring a good fit – a solid evaluation of the design prior to starting a network build is essential to avoiding surprises prior to implementation. This type of network analysis will help ensure the appropriate infrastructure is being planned for and the network will meet your short- and long-term needs.
  3. Bring your own device (BYOD) – the benefits of user preference continue to drive BYOD adoption and present network environments with both set-up and ongoing operational challenges. We’re able to help you accommodate BYOD while maintaining the performance and security your organization requires.
  4. Wireless & Mobility – the rapid worldwide growth of wireless and mobile device use of tablets and smartphones has led most users to expect this level of flexibility and network availability throughout their own workplace. This increased accessibility for users places significant demands on IT professionals to ensure a security and high-performing network.


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