About Us

Decades of focus on business issues

We pride ourselves on focusing on the business needs and objectives of our clients first, then determining the technology to address the challenges after that. This business-first approach comes from 30 years of corporate knowledge, experience and a clear vision of how IT strategies can help meet the needs of your users, whoever they are.

Known for lasting relationships

At TLD, we’re in it for the long haul. Like our parent company London Drugs we’ve established our business by building long-lasting relationships with not only our clients, but our suppliers and our employees too. We pride ourselves on Loyalty and Longevity: two characteristics that can mean a lot if you find yourself facing an IT challenge.

Benefits such as ongoing professional investment and training along with the intangible benefit of becoming part of a large family, have resulted in our employees returning that same loyalty to us, many of them having been with us for 20+ years.

Our heritage comes with a well-deserved reputation

We’re a market leader when it comes to being able to provide a broad scope of quality services. Similar to London Drugs, we’ve developed a reputation in the IT consulting industry as an innovative but stable organization, thriving outside of the boom and bust cycle that can sometimes characterize other companies.

We were founded in 1983 with a similar goal as today: to be Western Canada’s premier, value-added IT consulting firm delivering top notch customer service that helps our clients grow their business, supporting them through the stages of choosing, procuring and implementing technology.

Whether you’re looking for assistance for your organization with:

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