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Client Story

Our integrated approach yields ROI on energy management

As a business, you may be unknowingly wasting money each year on unnecessary heating or lighting. TLD and CustomWorks can help save you thousands of dollars annually with our unique integrated energy management plan.

It starts with an analysis of your lighting and control needs. With the ability of our project teams to incorporate the ideas of designers, project managers and programmers, clients can benefit from our experience and skills in integrating technology and PC-based controls.

Comfort and economy can increase staff productivity

Our integrated energy management plan not only helps reduce energy use, but also factors in potential adjustments to light levels in a given space to reflect the activities taking place there.

By combining this activity analysis with management of natural light in the office space, we can tailor the environmental controls to account for variations on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis. These programmed adjustments can make a positive impact on customer experience and staff productivity.

Maximize the effectiveness of your technology

We’re creative and adaptable when we integrate lighting and controls, with plenty of experience in taking individual lighting products – featuring many different types of control types – and integrating them into one coordinated system. Our integration can be tied into your existing lighting systems or adapted to use touch panel or PC/tablet controls.

And, as part of the London Drugs family, TLD and CustomWorks have the buying power to deal exclusively in high-quality equipment from market leaders like Crestron and other manufacturersemploying all varieties of industry-standard control methods including:

  • IP control
  • RS 232
  • IR
  • WLAN


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