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Windows 11 + Windows 11 SE

Designed for Education

Welcome to Windows 11 SE, a new edition of Windows designed for education.

For education customers seeking cost-effective devices, Microsoft Windows 11 SE offers a simplified, secure experience that is optimized for a cloud-first world featuring modern management.

Unlock the Power of Creativity and Collaboration

Education was already more reliant on technology and personalized learning before 2020. But the pandemic forced schools around the world to accelerate their digital transformation, shifting to remote and blended learning in a matter of weeks. Yet, the underlying educational needs of students remain the same: They need reliable tools that help them focus on learning. They need to be able to access learning materials as well as to create and collaborate with other students and teachers, securely and at scale, whether they are at school or online. Students also need to gain technology skills that will help them succeed in school and later in their careers. At the same time, teachers need to create an engaging learning environment that meets the needs of students of all abilities and learning preferences, with limited access to professional development and technology training. And administrators must provide secure, reliable access to devices, apps, and information while overseeing limited technology budgets and maintaining equity for all learners, regardless of socioeconomic status.

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