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Secure data and networks are vital

With ever-increasing threats to data security, understanding the risk to your business processes, technologies, clients and employees is critical.  Ensuring your IT environment is protected should not follow a cookie-cutter approach. It takes expert consultation and advanced solutions, tailored to your business and IT environment to effectively protect your digital assets.

A range of security safeguards

Our security specialists start with an IT security assessment to identify your current strengths and vulnerabilities. Once risks are mapped out, we work with you to create an integrated security strategy – robust measures that build a stable and secure IT environment.

We also offer security awareness training – in person or via webinar – for employee or leadership groups to help them recognize and avoid cyberthreats. We can conduct mock phishing campaigns and security testing within your employee base for an additional level of cybersecurity.

Even with these safeguards in place, cybercriminals continue to find ways to penetrate protections.  That’s why we create back-up strategies to restore, recover and rebuild in the event of a breach so you don’t have to pay ransomware.

Packaged preparedness makes it easy

TLD offers security packages as part of our monthly IT Managed Services offerings:

  • Secure Essentials offers tools and best practice management techniques for businesses starting a security program
  • Secure Advanced offers add-on products for advanced cybersecurity for businesses with a security program in place
  • TLDConnect Protect Data is a back-up strategy that counteracts threats with a robust restore solution

TLD’s partners keep your security costs under control

TLD partners with the best security software providers to implement your IT security plan, at the best prices. Data breaches are expensive – investing in the best protection can help you adapt to threats as they emerge, avoiding costly downtime and loss of intellectual assets and data.


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