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Client Story

With the ever-increasing need for remote work options, video and audio solutions are increasingly required methods of connecting with co-workers, clients or suppliers. Users are demanding a customized suite of tools for sharing ideas, brainstorming and problem solving as a team.

Delivering both hardware, software and training

TLD and CustomWorks have continued to grow along with the technology. Together we’re now a well-established, integrated provider of video and audio – offering consultation planning, procurement, implementation, training and on-going support.

By integrating our IT and AV expertise, we’re able to offer clients a full range of technical assistance and advice no matter what their choice of software or hardware is. From screen-sharing functions to enhanced videoconferencing, the range of tools available has expanded significantly to enable robust, vibrant collaboration. And, as part of the London Drugs family, we have the buying power to bring you the best video and audio solutions at the best price.

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