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Tapping into the benefits of early AV collaboration

With AV project costs becoming a growing portion of overall capital costs, it pays to have TLD and CustomWorks involved in the design and development process as early as possible. Together, we’re experts at identifying areas of IT and AV integration, changes that can deliver an overall more integrated, and cost-effective, solution.

From developing innovative new approaches to retrofitting or defining vital infrastructure, we work with you to reduce redundancies and identify efficiencies. It’s a collaboration that can streamline your capital project, reduce timelines and save you money and big headaches.

Collaboration in one or more project phases

We have years of experience working as part of an integrated project team. In projects involving existing office space, we function as part of a project team with facilities, interior design and IT staff. In projects where facilities don’t yet exist, we work directly with architects, designers, interior designers, electrical and AV consultants, IT department staff and facilities managers.

Our involvement is seamless and, regardless of the AV Project Delivery model you choose, we can play a key role in making your project a success in any or all of the project phases:

  • Tender and contract award for AV system
  • Acceptance
  • Procurement of required equipment
  • Staging
  • Installation of equipment
  • Ongoing Service Level Agreement Support


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