TLD Project Profile – TLD Connect Managed Services

Project Overview

As a relatively small, not-for-profit professional association, this organization was struggling to keep up with the growing technology needs of members and its staff. IT decisions tended to be reactive, without a long-term understanding of what was available to help meet user needs within their budget.

Driving Business Value

  • Developing a targeted 3-year plan for integrating new system solutions within an existing infrastructure and budget
  • Providing a phased approach to implementation, reducing risk for IT decisions.
  • Improving system performance resulting in increased user satisfaction.

Technology Details

  • TLDConnect Manager – lightweight software that enables clients to manage and monitor anything with an IP address.
  • TLDConnect Agents – a mobile-focused tool for performing similar tasks as TLDConnect Manager.
  • TLDConnect Service Centre – a web-based, centralized dashboard that provides up-to-the-minute data and system reports.


We were able to use our 30+ years of customer service experience to develop a long-term technology plan for the client, reducing the complexity for them as well as their exposure to risk. Our ability to cut through the clutter enabled us to let them focus on their core business, knowing we could provide them a high level of IT reliability, both for now and into the future. Our client continues to follow the plan, helping them maximize the return on investment they get from their IT spend and make informed, long-term decisions.

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