We decipher and recommend the best Microsoft solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

Microsoft Solutions

Client Story

Lasting relationship with Microsoft pays dividends

As one of Microsoft’s first Canadian partners, we’ve been collaborating with them on client solutions since the 1980s. Our expertise with various Microsoft platforms – both new and old – has grown over the years, enabling us to reach a level of teamwork with Microsoft that is beneficial for our clients and sets us apart from our competitors.

Microsoft enhances business

Looking to tap into the power of Microsoft solutions regardless of the size of your enterprise? With thousands of new applications and new technology providers in the B2B market every year, the need for standardization and cross-platform compatibility has never been higher. As your Microsoft solutions provider, we’re one of the leaders in helping you build a common foundation to ensure consistency, security and reliable connections.

From Sharepoint to Windows 8, let us give you sound advice on how to take advantage of integrating various Microsoft products into a cohesive solution.

Office 365 a powerful new direction

As leaders in the B2B field, we’ve helped many of our clients make a smooth transition to Office 365, an innovative cloud-based suite of tools that is a perfect fit for so many of the small to medium businesses that we excel at advising. Depending on your needs, our clients have had success being able to access familiar MS Office applications from almost anywhere, making Office 365 a home run in terms of affordable, scalable productivity applications.

The Value of Training and Education

TLD recognizes the value of training and education in ensuring a tool is used effectively. We have teamed up with a Canadian organization that can provide both on-site or off-site training to your staff, your managers or specific roles within your organization. Effective computer training courses are simple to organize and deploy to your teams, designed specifically for business professionals and corporate employees. Courses in Office 365, Sharepoint and more can be organized for you.

From products and software to support solutions, contact us to put our extensive knowledge of Microsoft solutions to work for your organization.