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Client Project Profile – Cloud & Microsoft Solutions

Project Overview

We were approached by a client in the financial management sector who was struggling with a backup strategy that involved using a cloud backup utility to back up only the files on their server and workstation. This approach was causing significant workaround issues for them when they attempted to work remotely and was also exposing them to a major security risk.

Driving Business Value

With the sensitivity of the firm’s personal and financial data, the client was extremely hesitant to set up a VPN or provide their firewall with a public IP as they’d previously been struck by ransomware several times due to their outdated server protections. This lack of protection also limited their ability to work remotely, creating problems as the urgency to be able to do this increased across the company.

Technology Details

We implemented an Azure Active Directory cloud solution to enable secure remote login anywhere, eliminating the risks and ongoing maintenance involved in maintaining the outdated server. This approach helped the client avoid a significant capital cost, converting the item into a monthly operations cost that enabled them to better manage their budget.

For a backup solution, we implemented Software as a Service (SAAS) using a Datto cloud solution that backed up their SharePoint and OneDrive storage along with their Exchange Online mailboxes. We also upgraded their MS Office365 subscription to Premium, which allowed for an Azure licensed implementation and SharePoint for the client to store shared files using secure authentication and MFA (multi-factor authentication).


The client is now securely protected with MFA and a Cloud solution allowing them to work optimally from any location and with a consistent and predictable monthly cost.


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