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TLD Project Profile – Managed Print Services

Project Overview

This medium-sized Crown corporation has offices across BC in their role as a targeted information provider to the business sector. TLD has been working with this client for over 15 years, counseling and supporting them on needs such as desktops, servers and networking as well as Managed Print Services.

The client’s mixed fleet of print devices was causing supply and maintenance difficulties for their small IT department, resulting in inconsistent print quality, document security issues, over/underutilization of different equipment and unused or wasted printer supplies. These identified challenges resulted in a comprehensive printer assessment which provided the pathway for changes.

Driving Business Value

  • Reallocation of scarce IT resources from print-related issues to higher-value IT issues
  • Providing a cost savings as well as the ability to see a cost per page breakdown for all of their printers
  • Delivering improved security for sensitive documents through individual non-networked printers where appropriate
  • Offering users improved, consistent quality print output with fewer print-related problems and increased user satisfaction

Technology Details

  • Utilizing TLD’s remote monitoring software suite, we detailed management and reporting capabilities of the networked print environment
  • Just-in-time print supply materials ordering system
  • PSA Ticketing tool tracks service history and asset details.
  • Client Portal, directly linked to PSA ticketing to facilitate service requests and updates to ticket details


After a thorough analysis of the original print equipment environment, TLD was able to provide specific recommendations that have spread out the print workload in a more balanced manner and decreased print-related supply costs for this client by avoiding unnecessary stockpiling of toner and other materials.

We were also able to recommend volume-appropriate printers for individual departments/offices to maximize print throughput while reducing per-page print costs. Overall, the client’s IT staff are now able to spend more time working on other IT projects and we continue to be a trusted partner of theirs.

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