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Client Project Profiles – Digital Signage Solutions

Project Overview

When a large national retail chain approached us for analysis and advice on a digital signage strategy, it was clear to us they stood to benefit greatly from a system with the latest available technology in digital signage.

Driving Business Value

Starting with a six-month pilot, we worked towards a nationally integrated system that includes all retail locations. The technology platform enables our client to provide multi-lingual and dynamic information in a way that’s flexible and interesting. The ability to make nation-wide, real-time updates in a simple and easy-to-understand manner allows our client to reach their customers directly in all stores and locations across the country.

Technology Details

locally or nationally, the message can benefit both customer and company. When focused locally, this information can even be used to promote products based off seasonal or environmental conditions, such as sunscreen on hot days, or umbrellas when it’s raining. We’ve designed the system to be taken a step further by including external environment updates on entrance or exit screens, such as:

  • weather conditions
  • current time
  • public transit updates
  • emergency notifications, such as amber alerts


The flexibility of the platform offers our client endless possibilities, and, whether targeted

After the success of our six-month pilot we quickly began conducting a nation-wide rollout to all stores across the country, timing the rollout in conjunction with local operational needs. Our client reported greater sales, as well as an increase in product awareness from customers nation-wide.


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