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Client Project Profile – Procurement Specialists

Project Overview

Prior to working with TLD to coordinate their efforts on IT-related purchases, this consortium of Western Canadian organizations was facing a growing administrative burden and struggling to acquire the IT equipment they needed in a timely fashion. There was a lack of consistency amongst operating environments and each member organization had its own vision for the future based on limited information.

Group members were challenged by equipment downtime and costly maintenance and repair work. Through an innovative effort focused on streamlining planning, procurement and implementation, TLD has helped this client meet their needs while providing numerous benefits typically available only to a larger organization.

Driving Business Value

  • Negotiated significant cost savings and increased product warranties from equipment manufacturers
  • Streamlined client purchasing process, eliminating the need for regular RFPs for IT equipment or services
  • Increased uptime as a result of improved service and repair response times
  • Reduced wasting of supplies such as toner/ink cartridges through standardizing equipment
  • Worked to standardize equipment used, delivering both pricing and support advantages but also still supporting custom builds where necessary

Technology Details

  • Delivered online purchasing and volume-based pricing across a diverse organization
  • Coordinated planning and improved vendor support for members organizations
  • Organized information sharing and collaboration between group members through use of tools such as IT Road Map process, informal on-site technology discussions and small group road trips to view in-place solutions


Coordinating a large group of independent member organizations can be challenging but the results for this client group have been worth it. Our comprehensive approach to helping them analyze, procure and implement IT-related equipment at hundreds of sites across Western Canada has paid dividends in numerous ways.

From improved pricing and warranty coverage to improved uptime and reduced administrative burden, the results have been a resounding success. An improved vision and planning process for their IT needs – including increased collaboration amongst members – has also helped prioritize their efforts and ensured informed future decision making.

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