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Client Project Profile – Microsoft Solutions

Project Overview

At TLD, we don’t take client loyalty for granted so, when one of our long-time clients – a medium-sized full-service glazing company – needed to spend some serious money to upgrade their Microsoft Exchange system, we wanted to make sure it was the right move for them.

After a thorough review of their short- and long-term needs, we recommended they avoid an Exchange upgrade and instead move their staff to the cloud-based Office 365 platform. This switch in direction enabled them to improve the performance of both their e-mail system and their network while saving the organization money at the same time.

Driving Business Value

  • Improved system performance and increased user satisfaction made Office 365 a home run in terms of affordable, scalable productivity applications
  • Reallocating resources from capital infrastructure purchases towards true cloud-based business efficiencies
  • Reduced system complexity and hardware needs made for a lower implementation risk

Technology Details

  • Office 365, a cloud-based version of MS Office
  • Enterprise-class security and reliability


Because of our thorough understanding of client needs, we wholeheartedly recommended this move to a cloud-based solution. The switch to Office 365 was a “win” many times over as users experienced no downtime/disruption, their remote access was increased and the reduced solution complexity and load on the existing server allowed the organization to defer a significant capital expense (a new server) at the same time as system performance improved.

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